LOVE … A Healing Elixir

What does love have to offer?
Love offers healing! In fact love is the strongest healing force in the universe! Your essence already knows this truth. What calms a crying infant? Why did a kiss on the bobo make you feel better as a little one? What is the magic in an embrace by your beloved in the midst of heartache?

How does love heal?
Love returns us to our purest essence! The frequency of unconditional love awakens the same frequency within us. When we are held in unconditional love, when we allow it in, the energy of our own compassion is awakened. In the face of this great healing power, all of the conditions we’ve placed upon ourselves … to be good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, successful enough, etc etc etc — they simply dissolve. Within the energy of unconditional love, only love exists.

Love is powerful!
As our “worthiness conditions” dissolve, an organic inner process begins to take place. Our perception about vulnerability and intimacy begin to shift. The barriers we’ve built against letting love in, become more obvious, less necessary, and may even appear downright ridiculous in the light of this new perspective! Work that can take months or years in therapy (recognizing and releasing defense mechanisms) can begin to happen spontaneously!

Mental – Our illusions of being unworthy dissolve. When we open to see ourselves through the eyes of love, we begin to resonate with our innate beauty, and feel the great power of the light that we are!

Emotional – Love teaches us to open our hearts … to trust that we are safe. Emotional energy is the charge of life … We learn to let emotions flow and to make space for their passage … We learn to love ourselves through them.

Physical – As love heals our distorted beliefs and stuck emotional baggage, our bodies begin to resonate with this healing energy as well. Unconditional Love heals even the dense energy of the physical as it supports us in believing in new possibilities for ourselves! Miraculous healing is possible in the light of its brilliance!

Much Love and Many Blessings!
Lynn and Cheryl