Linking to Higher Mind and Beyond!

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

So then, what do we do?

The first step is learning to “ask up”!

Ask up to our own Higher Mind by stepping out of the preconceived notions of being stuck. This means stepping out of the drama, old roles and limited thinking that we carry from childhood, that we learned in our family and in our culture. This is not an easy process, but awakening our Higher Mind is what allows us to create awareness of what this means in our specific life.

What is Higher Mind and how do we awaken it? Higher Mind is that part of us that discovers new awareness, new insight. It is “higher” because its power lies in rising above old ways of thinking. It is creative and intuitive. We all have it and we all can learn to connect with it through practices such as and meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, yoga and Tai Chi, and engaging in inspirational reading or the arts where creativity flows!

The second step is learning to ask up even higher! Beyond our individual Higher Mind, there is a collective consciousness, a Oneness ~ Christ Consciousness. It is a rich source of energy and information. There are many realms to explore on this inner, sacred journey, which is the value of the connection! It is a spiritual journey that offers access for an individual mind to expand its conscious understanding of self and the world. Why is it considered “higher”? Because its voluminous nature defies containment in individualized mind. Its energy must rise up to expand into fullness…and we must then do the same! To do so requires us to deepen the practices in the first step, as those practices cultivated our abilities, and we find ourselves stirred to seek more! Perhaps we join a book club that is taking a three-month journey of understanding a spiritual book. Or engage in a group meditation, class or workshop focused on one of the many pathways of spiritual growth. We also begin to open to collective consciousness through dreams, active imagination, and learning to understand the symbolic language of our Spiritual Nature. For in connection to Oneness, the collective Christ Consciousness, we open to unlimited possibility where we are impressed with options, guidance and insight that, when followed, dissolve our problems! Yes, it may not look like we thought, but that is the whole point! It is imperative to move beyond ‘how we thought’ when the problem was created! ‘How we thought’ the solution should be hasn’t worked!

Opening to such Oneness is a powerful process that evolves over a lifetime. It evokes the questioning mind, it often creates doubt and confusion, it calls for us to look anew at those core issues of worthiness, trust, and relationship. But it also delivers healing, insight, and ability to create life differently ~ anchored in our Divine Nature, our expansive consciousness.

We invite you to “Ask Up”!
Join in a Sacred Healing Journey event!
Seek, Learn, Grow with us!
Cheryl and Lynn