Introduction to Chakras

Hello Chakras ! The word chakra means wheel, because each of these energy centers is perceived as a wheel turning in a clockwise rotation when open, full and flowing. The chakras are energy centers in our bodies. They are part of an ancient Eastern perspective of human development built on understanding ourselves through energy as the basic foundation, rather than our physical bodies being the root from which our functioning stems. There are seven major chakras associated with our bodies. Each has a formal Sanskrit name, although they are commonly known by numbers, one through seven, or descriptive titles. The first five chakras are each associated with one of the basic elements of the earth, and all seven are associated with a specific age and task of human development. The chakra system begins with the first chakra, Muladhara (root) known as the Root Chakra, who’s color is red, located (energetically) near the tailbone / pelvic floor region, element earth, conception to 6 months, Bonding stage – Survival. The second chakra, Svadhisthana (sweetness) known as the Sacral Chakra, who’s color is orange, located just beneath the navel, element water, 6 to 18 months, exploratory stage – Nurture. The third chakra, Manipura (lustrous gem) known as Solar Plexus, who’s color is yellow or golden, is in the center of the body, beneath the rib cage, element fire, 18 – 36 months, Separation – Security. The fourth chakra, Anahata (unstruck) known as the Heart Chakra, who’s color is green, located in the heart center, element air, 3-7 years, Socialization – Belonging. The fifth chakra, Vissudha (purification) known simply as the Throat Chakra, who’s color is bright blue, located in the throat, element is ether / space, 7 – 12 years, Latency – Es- teem. The sixth chakra, Ajna (to perceive and command) known as the Third Eye, who’s color is indigo or purple, located in the middle of the forehead, 12 – 18 years, Adolescence – Identity. The seventh chakra, Sahasrara (thousandfold) known as the Crown Chakra, who’s color is white or violet, located a little above the crown of your head, Adulthood – Self Actualization Our chakras are impacted by our physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual health. When we are healthy and functioning optimally, these energy centers are filled with vibrant energy, and the energy flows. However, when we are holding negative beliefs about ourselves this will manifest as stuck energy or loss of energy in the related chakra (see developmental stages and tasks above), sometimes resulting in a complete shutdown of that energy center. This energy malfunction is understood to eventually result in a physical health issue in the related organs or gland. When each chakra is open and flowing the energy also flows from one to the next, from the root to the sacral, sacral to solar plexus and so on, all the way up and out through the crown of the head. There is a second column of energy that also flows in the opposite direction, from crown to third eye, third eye to throat, etc, down to the root, and from the root right on down into the earth. Although it would not be accurate to say that one is more important than another, I would like to highlight three – the root, the crown and the heart in the middle. The root, our first chakra, is our sacred connection to the earth. As such, if it is not open and flow- ing, we are much like an electrical appliance not plugged in – blocked, vital energy not finding it’s source to flow into / from which to flow. The crown chakra, our connection to Source or Spirit, is similar to the root, in that when this is blocked the energy flow be- tween us and source is blocked. In this way we understand our- selves to be the conduit between Spirit and earth. Lastly the heart chakra, right in the middle of these two, bridges the lower three chakras, having to do with our personality, and the upper three hav- ing to do with our connection to Spirit and it’s expression through us: the heart is the gateway. Seen in this way, the heart is the home where Spirit and person connect, the sacred space in which our soul dwells. Therefore, although each chakra is significant, and impacts each of the others, the heart has a special mission, as it’s where these two polarities meet, mingle and flow. It is through the flowing of our chakras that we become whole. It is through the flowing of the heart chakra, blending and merging with each of the other chakras, that we are able to heal fear and distorted beliefs in each of these energy centers. As we heal them, we can begin to view each aspect of ourselves as Holy, infused with love and light, and each chakra as a temple in which to honor a specific aspect of our selves. This chakra system is a multi-faceted system, offering a wealth of healing potential for body, mind and Spirit. Therefore, beginning to explore the chakra system is an opening into making sense of the intricate connection between our body, mind (thoughts and emotions), and subtle energy. The chakra system is in fact a pathway from form to formless, body to Spirit, and unconscious to conscious to cosmic consciousness. The implications for how to use this knowledge of ourselves offered through the chakras is vast, ranging from gaining insights into our physical health, emotional health and well being, unlocking stuck behavioral patterns, as well as increasing understanding of and growing sensitivity to our Spiritual connection.