Infused with Spirit!

If we were to call a meeting “at the Roundtable” and invited the various parts of our inner world to the table, what a meeting that would be! Let’s think about it in terms of the primary Chakra system for a moment. Imagine there is a “part” of yourself that represented the interest of each Chakra. And so, called to this roundtable would be seven parts of self!

In this inner exploration, you would call forth from the Root Chakra, the part of self that survives the challenges and rejoices in the triumphs of finding safety and a sense of belonging here on this earth.

Next, we would hold a space for the part from the Sacral Chakra that has been working lifelong in struggle and joy, for connection and healthy relationships with others.

Then we would summon from the Solar Plexus, the all-at-once courageous yet insecure, confident with bravado yet wide-eyed with vulnerability, part of self that has discovered through adversity and conquests, a sense of worth!

…Ok, so now let’s “Infuse with Spirit” these human parts of self ~ these parts of self that have had to contend with the world, find their way…and seemingly all alone! But wait! Let’s not forget, we are actually a spirit having a human existence, so of course, we are not alone…there is more!

You have only to enter the Heart Chakra to begin to experience that spiritual connection. For here, in the Heart, is where our roundtable meeting will take place. Imagine your crew so far, stepping into the energy of the Heart, the Garden of the Heart where Love enfolds them. Here we have invited to our roundtable, the part of self that holds unconditional Love, compassion, and forgiveness. And suddenly, our roundtable is beginning to have new energy ~ one of Light and Love. This part of self looks and feels different ~ close your eyes once again, and see the group -now numbering four, and notice what is changing. Notice through all your senses. Perhaps the scene is a bit brighter or calmer, more peaceful or carries a scent of flowers.

But our roundtable is not yet fully attended. Let’s call for the expression of Truth from the Throat Chakra. Now that we have moved into the heart energy, this part of self comes through with celebration of being able to speak her Truth, express with clarity, and speak the story of her needs, wants and hearts desires! Now this is some energy to contend with! Powerful, yet gentle in its loving expression and kind words.

The group is aware now, of new worlds opening and eagerly wants to know more! This is the clarion call for the Visionary to step forth from the Brow Chakra and join the roundtable. She comes with exquisite beauty, ancient wisdom, and highly charged creative abilities. She joins the table and with an unfaltering intuitive capacity to at once knows the stories, the needs, and the heartfelt desires of this crew! With her insight and vision, she brings her enlightened perspective for healing, growth and guidance! It is a balm like no other! Take a moment to again close your eyes and peek in on this group with all of your senses to see how they are doing! Feel the buzz of new energy of hope, excitement, and inspiration!

And yet there is still another to join! The Higher Self who is the spiritual conduit for your Soul, your Spiritual Essence…your Divine Nature! Appearing when the group below comes together and into alignment, holds the palpable energy of seeking expansion, and has the seed of purity in the desire to move forward on their sacred journey. This Higher Self appears as a luminous Light, infuses the group with the vibration and frequency of Higher Awareness, and opens gateways to the previously unseen, the yet unknown! All then, are lifted up and through the new opening on the grace of this supreme energy!

Wow! Our roundtable is certainly different from where we began! Infused with Spirit, there is buoyancy, exhilaration, and expanded consciousness for all to operate from as they continue their crucial existence at the core of your being, the core of your life! With frequent roundtable gatherings, everything is possible!

May you know yourself fully!
May you engage with your Higher Self frequently!
May you soar higher and freer than you ever imagined possible!
Cheryl and Lynn