In this Season of Miracles

In this season of miracles… as we reflect on the Star of Bethlehem (Christmas), the miracle of eternal light (Hanukkah) or the miracle of receiving spiritual messages/prophecy (Ramadan), let’s also contemplate miracles unfolding in this present moment. When we slow down and contemplate the things we love about this season, we are likely accessing one such miracle … the miracle of our very own heart center! Our heart energy which opens and softens, and often rises into our conscious awareness in these quiet moments of reverie or more boisterous moments of bright holiday joy!

Our heart, we are learning, is a true miracle, capable of producing and directing what seems like extraordinary events both within us and around us. Coherence – a unified system based on natural rhythms, is the natural order of our system, and it begins in the heart. It is the heart that resets the energy of the nervous system. It is the heart that delivers a sense of conscious awareness to the body as a whole. Neurons in the heart send messages, much like the neurons of the brain, and the heart’s messages are related to our emotions. It turns out that similar neural cells are in every organ of the body – sending and receiving messages. But the unique aspect of the heart neurons is that they are able to self-regulate and communicate with ALL other neurons in the body. If you’ve worked with your chakra system, then this will make intuitive sense to you. Because it’s clear from working with the subtle energy system of our body that every single energy center is at it’s best when there is a strong heart center connection of unconditional love.

The heart, as described above, is able to guide the brain. This, again, makes intuitive sense. Anyone with a strong intuition often feels clear that our inner knowing originates in the heart center, while the brain is used more to work out the finer details. As the heart guides the brain, we create a heart-brain harmony in our subtle energy field. As the heart and brain come into harmony, there’s a sense of alignment and we have greater access to the energetic field of which we are a part! This brings a cascade of positive results, an avalanche even … resilience, deeper intuition, super learning and memory abilities, longevity, a superior immune response, and direct access to our heart’s intelligence!

The heart’s sphere of influence extends outside the limits of the physical body! This means that as you move into this beautiful state of increased harmony, you impact the world around you. The hearts of those close to you begin to rise in frequency as well. As more of us move into harmony we have an impact on Mother Earth herself, as she resonates with this same heart frequency. Healing also resonates with this same frequency – the heart brain harmony is literally the frequency of healing.

We are part of a living conscious universe! A universe that, when left to its own devices, works with harmony, coherence and cooperation. Cooperation is part of our very nature – this is true even at the cellular level! And just like the old spiritual mantra, “As above, so below”, in the quantum universe in which we live, everything is interconnected. As the cell, so the body … so the community … so the world … so the universe.

Coherence begins in the heart, in the cells of the heart and extends out. Tune in, listen to your heart, feel your feelings, feel into the cues of your subtle body. Take a deep breath, the rest will follow.

Feel into the Miracle of your heart in this Season of Miracles!
Much Love and Many Blessings!
Lynn & Cheryl