In Stillness we Create!

Where do those great ideas come from?

Where is inspiration found?

Where do amazing solutions reside?

All are accessed through connection to a source…
A source of Oneness, of all things potential and possible!
Through deep heart-connection, we discover creative ability!


There are many levels to meditation, many ways to understand the spiritual world. With consistent practice, guidance for learning, and willingness to move beyond your comfort zone, discovery awaits!

When first meditating, the oft met struggles are both finding time and sitting still! The mind wanders and jumps around while the body gets restless, itchy or simply is tired of being in one position. When allowing for this, breathing through it, listening to soft music, after a time, your ability to spend five minutes in meditation can stretch into ten and comfort increases with the process. Around this time, there is often an inner nudge to explore guided meditations which are plentiful through our website or various apps at your fingertips! These are available for any duration, but a good place to expand is to begin with those at about 10 minutes in length and move upwards in duration. Here too, you will find meditations “with a theme”! Some for health, for sleep, for pain relief, etc.

With continued practice, awareness dawns that there is a sense of presence that you can actually feel as you meditate! The breath becomes more than oxygen…it is experienced as the vital life force, prana. This is a very powerful shift! Often at this point, there is increased curiosity, a desire to learn more! Books, groups, classes and teachers arrive on your path! Your consciousness about the spiritual journey grows ~ encompasses more! Interest grows in crystals, oils, angels, and ancient teachings to name a few! Meditation becomes part of your daily life and you open to the expansive realms within, the deeper dimensions of your Soul Self.

About this time, your experiences, and thus your questions grow more complex. You learn how your body, nature, dreams and meditations are filled with symbols and meaningful guidance. Here is where you are called to action, to do the work to clear away what no longer serves you, for otherwise it will block or distort your experiences. You can learn to set intentions deeply, “listen up” for higher awareness, and make deep connections, steeped in trust, for support. Over time, there is a flow that begins to occur. As you release the old limitations, you simultaneously step into greater spiritual connection! And if you return to the old patterns, so too does your ability to meditate. By this time though, you are likely connected to others and it is easier to get back on track…it is all part of the process!

It is here, in this deeper meditation space where things get really interesting! Here is the journey into deep heart connection with the energy of universal, unconditional Love. Here is where the pathways exist that lead us to that beautiful space of stillness. Here is where we learn to listen deeply, vision clearly, and build capacity for insight. Here, in that silky void is where we rest, get inspired, find answers, embrace our spiritual abilities! Here is where all things are possible, and we learn, grow, create! Yes, the path seems long, but it is necessary and prepatory as your spiritual Light body builds capacity to experience and understand what is offered and how to bring it into manifestation in your world!

We hold space for you,
We have great love, compassion, and gratitude for you,
Embody your Light and your world transforms!
Cheryl and Lynn