In Stillness we connect with our Soul!

Are you looking to begin a more balanced life…again?!?

Have you felt confused about what direction your life is headed?

Are you not even certain what it is you want in life?

These questions and others like them, can be answered with clarity when you “ask up” …seek connection with a source that holds wisdom!

This is done most easily in times of prayer and meditation. To be able to hear the guidance of our Soul requires getting still, as it is different than hearing with our physical ears! The language of the Soul is expressed via symbols, images, feelings, and insight! The process is subtle but powerful.

There is a process to follow to connect to this inner space of stillness! Most often people forego this profound connection with a belief that they “can’t” sit still, stop their racing thoughts, don’t have the time, etc. But the truth is, anyone can step into communion with their Soul! And there are many paths inward! Some use patterns of breath, some employ mindfulness, some prayer, others meditation ~ silent, guided, interactive… However you choose to begin, the next step is embracing a consciousness that places this sacred connection as a priority! Do this by taking time every day to engage with one or more spiritual practices, even if only for a few minutes is a start. Read/listen to something inspiring! These simple steps belie their significance! What is happening at a deeper level is an awakening of that small still place inside where Soul connection is discovered!

When practiced regularly over time, your practice deepens. You are drawn to people, situations, groups, books, articles…all offering next steps to continue and deepen your spiritual journey. With sacred intention and curious wonder, something miraculous begins to happen! You begin to feel the pulse of your Soul! You begin to see with inner vision, colors, images, symbols! You begin to hear via inner insights! And while on this exciting adventure, consciousness expands, a sense of love and gratitude grow, inner peace abides. You will begin to find the inner guidance for the questions you are seeking. While discerning the wisdom takes time and understanding, following it brings harmony and healing to your life!

Much Love and Many Blessings on your journey!
Cheryl and Lynn