Imagination ~ A Portal to creation!

Let’s take a walk…into a new world, a place of your imaginational creation!

As you walk through the doorway, allow yourself to imagine walking into your best life. The life where you are happy and healthy. Envision it vividly, using all your senses and feel viscerally, what it is like to actually be there!

Why should I do this you ask? Because every creation begins with a thought! This is fact. There is nothing in existence that was not first in someone’s idea mind – in thought form! Another way to perceive the importance of this practice is to connect with your very own experiences! We have all heard of the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ ~ the belief that comes true, simply because our belief (or thought) causes us to act as if it is already true. Or we’ve all experienced our own mindset stuck in a negative thought such as ‘nothing is going right today’ and then it all seems to pile on! Or still yet another powerful example is known as the placebo effect. This is when someone is told something by someone they trust, it could be a diagnosis, or that a medication will cure a particular disease, and they believe it to be truth, their body begins to respond accordingly! Yes, these are all aspects of how thought creates, but there’s more!

There are many movies and books about how people triumph over tragedy. When explored a bit, we find that when people held their focus on thoughts beyond their trauma circumstances, deeply and with high concentration imagined being free or healed or outside of whatever tragedy they were experiencing, they survived in ways that others could not. Note too, when you have experienced this shift. Amidst your everyday stresses and tensions, taking five minutes to pause, to breathe and to imagine yourself on a beach with the warm sun, or sitting in a cozy cabin in front of a warm fire. Using all of your senses, you opened to an inner world and truly allowed yourself to walk into that world of your own creation…And your body responded! Often quickly, it relaxes, perhaps you could feel the shift from guarded to openness!

With these being only a few examples from the multitudes of stories and research about this, what if you allowed yourself to believe it? This is a crucial step, for if your thoughts dismiss it, or negate it, the process gets blocked. But once you’ve done some research, read enough to open to the possibility, found it to be true in small ways in your life…which may take some time…then try it yourself! Here’s how!

  • Allow yourself to move into deep meditation or use that natural time just before falling asleep, to bring to mind the fulfillment of a goal or that a problem is resolved in its highest form. This means filling your vision with love, joy, health, etc. and actually bring to mind the end state of success.

  • Spend five or ten minutes really moving through a doorway into the situation in your imaginative state where the problem is already solved/goal achieved! Through your imagination, bring it to life as viscerally as you can! See, sense and feel it to be as real as your waking life.

  • Repeat this each day for a month and be aware of changes that come into your life as you learn how thought creates, belief unfolds, and how your inner Light is your most powerful ally!

May you step fully into the Light of your Soul,
Embrace the gifts of your Spiritual Essence,
And Create Love and Healing to share with the world!
Cheryl and Lynn