How did I get here?!

Here you are…on this Spiritual Journey called life! Wherever you are on the journey, now is the perfect time to pause and reflect, to bring conscious awareness to this moment in time.

There are so many things in life that propel us forward and into awakening and connection with our inner Divine Nature ~ our Soul!

What are the moments in your life that have led you into wonder, curiosity and exploration to find deeper meaning?

It may help to think backwards from the present…

”When did I start my meditation practice?” for example. And then remember what led you to do so. Perhaps a friend or media of some sort that touted the benefits. What came before that? What were those pivotal times, places, people and events that led you here…to the now? Maybe you experienced a life trauma where you questioned deeply, “Why me?” or a life-changing event that called into question everything you thought you knew and trusted. Or felt a joy so deep it moved you, shifted you profoundly. And looking even deeper, remember those small events too! The Bible verse you learned as a child, the time in nature you felt the Oneness with the beauty, the peacefulness that you just can’t explain. Perhaps there was that person in your life who truly cared for you, and you felt your heart-opening and expanding.

There are many such experiences in your life that brought you to this point in time. Reflecting on them gives you an opportunity to feel them once again and to be in a moment of love and gratitude for what you learned, seeing now, the evolving path of your Soul’s trajectory! Awakening to insight of the Divine plan…recognizing that something bigger than yourself has been guiding you…guides you still! This “Spiritual Life Review” can inspire you to higher insight about the synchronicities of life. And in so doing, it becomes the current step on your journey! One taken consciously that is stirring the Soul, planting the seeds for the continual moving forward in life in flow with Spirit.

Beauty, harmony, wisdom all await the seeker!
Spiritual reflection primes the heart and mind for the journey!
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn