Higher Consciousness

As we begin to reflect on Higher Consciousness, we must move our awareness to the creative, intuitive side of the brain, the right hemisphere which communicates through our imagination, through imagery, and through symbols. This is the language of the Higher Self and is the bridge to Higher Consciousness. We are now moving out of the ordinary, concrete and physical world into the world of energy and spiritual connection. This higher dimension of self connects to our physical body through Light, Breath, and Symbols, where each symbol can convey more than a thousand words, and can reach us on many levels all at once, to the depths of our being! It an amazing journey of awakening that helps shift our perspective, deepen our spiritual path, and open our hearts and minds to find a new way of living that moves us past limitation into potential!To touch upon this level, all you need to do is open your Active Imagination (see blog from July 31, 2015). But to make meaningful and powerful connection with Higher Consciousness, takes further work requiring self-discipline and commitment. Self-discipline and Commitment are powerful qualities to develop in your character, as they are essential to identifying the personality traits, reactions and limiting thoughts that you hold and react from, and then doing the work of releasing or transmuting them. For at this level, not only do they no longer serve you, they are hindrances that block you, no different than if you were standing in front of a concrete wall in the physical world. These qualities of self-discipline and commitment are also key to creating a consistent and deepening meditation practice which is the pathway to receiving information and energetic connection with Higher Consciousness that allows you to transcend your personality self and live from your Higher Self.There are many ways to begin such deep work, and often it is wise to work with a teacher or therapist to support you as you begin confronting the negative thoughts and reactive behavior patterns that give you the illusion of power, control and success in your life. It is at times difficult to identify those blocks that hold you back while you are still ‘unconscious’ to them. And at other times it is scary to give up what feels like a secure and safe way of life! So why step into this journey? Because living authentically from the deeper truth of who you are, opens your life to expansive possibility and potential. It brings that amazing inner sense of deep peace when you step into your Divine Self…the Soul who has a purpose here on Earth and resonates with inner joy when it is in the midst of manifesting it! The self-defense and coping mechanisms that had previously brought you the illusion of control, security and happiness, now pale by comparison as your Soul ignites the fires of passion that bring you the ability to truly take charge of creating your life, taking responsibility for becoming all that you were meant to be, and experiencing deep joy and love that isn’t dependent on what others do or say, but on your own choices, your own happiness! You begin to feel alive and inspired through your connection to Higher Consciousness. But again, this takes self-discipline and continued commitment to doing the work of confronting and transmuting the shadow parts of self, to make space in your inner world, in your heart and mind, for Higher Consciousness to bring in this new way.And this leads us to the next part of self-discipline and commitment, that of practicing meditation. For there is no other way to more quickly, more directly and more profoundly open connection to Higher Consciousness! A dedicated, consistent meditation practice is something that is introduced in many basic ways, but over time and with guidance, it becomes the essence of your very deep and meaningful connection to Spirit. It is the way you come to know your Divine Self and come to understand your life purpose. It is the way to hear the messages from your Soul. And the language of Spirit comes through the images, the symbols that come during your meditation. Because a “picture is worth a thousand words” sometimes there is only one symbol that is gleaned from a whole hour of meditation, but the effects of that symbol could work on your body, in your mind, and in your life for a month!If you are one of the many who have tried to meditate but believes ‘it just doesn’t work’ because:“I can’t sit still; My mind won’t stop thinking; I can’t seem to focus; I always fall asleep” etc.then you are ready! Everyone starts in this manner, it is only with self-discipline and commitment to ‘begin again’ each and every time, that your meditation will deepen and grow to a point of reaching meaningful and powerful connection and communication with Higher Consciousness. You can begin now! Just take even a moment, close your eyes, breathe calmly and deeply, and set your intention to open to your Higher Self. And then just breathe for a minute or two…ahh! Or listen to one of the many free meditations on our website under the services – meditation tab to jumpstart a bit longer meditation practice with 10-15 minutes of guided meditation. Or please join us at our monthly group meditation that resumes on September 12th at Park Place Center…look for details and future dates under the workshops – groups tab.
Wishing you deep and meaningful connection with Higher Consciousness! Much Love and Many Blessings! Sacred Healing Journey.com