Heeding the Call of Your Soul

Heeding the call of your Soul does not feel easy up front. It feels scary … because it is an entirely different way of moving through life. It’s not of the thinking mind. It may not even feel reasonable. But when you listen, and follow, life begins to feel easy, perhaps easy in a new way.

When you heed the call of your soul, and step into your Soul’s path, the universe appears to line up for you! Suddenly the road ahead begins to show itself one curve at a time … and as you catch a glimpse of what is unfolding for you, you come to realize it’s better than you could have ever orchestrated for yourself! Indeed, this awareness is how trust flourishes as you feel how the universe / higher consciousness / the Divine (fill in the blank with whatever name you give to your Spiritual Connection) supports you and aligns your life in such a way as to manifest your deepest desires!

But let’s back up a minute, this is indeed what happens in our lives as we learn to live in a state of higher consciousness — a state that we might call abundance consciousness! The step that trips us up the most from listening to our Soul and following our very own unique spiritual path, is the step of trust or faith. Very often we reside in a lower consciousness state of fear.

Fear is an emotional state. And when we hang out in an emotional state (consciously or unconsciously), the thoughts, memories and awarenesses that grab ahold of our attention are the thoughts, memories and awarenesses that match this emotional state. Living in an emotional state of fear, which we might call lack consciousness, keeps us paying attention to all that we fear. This state of fear keeps us in defensive posturing of

  • trying and striving (i.e., control or fix),

  • shutting down (putting our heads in the sand),

  • blame and anger (focus on others).

These thought – behavior loops keep the vicious cycle going, leaving us stuck in a fear based reality, unable to hear the whispers of our Soul over the din of our own inner turmoil!

How do we make the leap from that low consciousness self fulfilling prophecy reality to heeding the call of our Soul?

Trust is the turning point.

Trust in something greater than yourself. Then prove that you trust through action, not just thoughts. It’s easy to tell yourself that you trust in a power greater than yourself. But it’s much harder to live from this truth, right? What is the action? Letting go of fear as your focus, and stepping forward into something new, even if you are uncomfortable. Letting the trust be bigger than the fear!

Not aware of your fear? Sometimes it’s in the unconscious realm. How do you deal with this?
Begin a meditation practice. Meditation, as a daily practice, begins to help us see our thoughts. We slow down enough to begin to feel more of what’s going on inside of our minds and bodies – emotions, thoughts, tensions. Meditation is also an open doorway for your soul to speak with you: meditation is an act of silencing the mind, to listen.

Already have a meditation practice? Wonderful!
The next step is then to set an intention to use your time in meditation to listen to your soul, and to feel your light. The intention will carry you. You might focus your intention by asking your soul to help you see and feel any fear that’s getting in your way of following your spiritual path or living from your soul’s purpose.

Every step you take, guided by your soul, moves you towards greater light, ease and abundance! It only gets easier from here! Step out of fear and into grace! What have you got to lose?

Many Blessings and Much Love on your Journey!
May you feel the sacredness of your path,
and may it be deeply healing.

Lynn & Cheryl