The Heart Chakra ~ Where Two Worlds Merge

The Heart Chakra is perhaps the most special of all our seven major chakras.As the fourth and middle chakra, it is a bridge between our lower three chakras that have to do with our human self – physical body, emotional body, and mental body and our higher three Spiritual Chakras that have to do with our spiritual development – Spiritual Connection, Inner Knowing, and Divine Expression of our gifts, talents and abilities!The Heart Chakra’s unique role as the integration of these energies is seen in the symbolism of the star which is formed in its very center where two opposing triangles intersect. This star symbolizes a union of opposite principles or energies such as male and female, Spirit and matter. The star is formed by two triangles, one pointing down, representing the grounding of energy – Spirit into matter. The other triangle is pointing up, representing the liberation of energy – matter into Spirit! Our Heart Chakra is, significantly, the home of our Soul, the embodiment of our Higher Self. As we grow to know and understand this Self as ourself, that we ARE indeed a synthesis of Spirit becoming matter as well as matter becoming Spirit, we grow into our true nature as a being of unconditional love and unbounded creative potential! This is the alchemical magic of the heart center.The Sanskrit name of this Chakra, Anahata, means “unstruck” or unharmed pure essence! For this heart center is energetically a very special place, a place to rest in love, to be held, uplifted, connected with the living essence of All that Is! This loving connection is our bridge to feeling the interconnectedness of all things, and recognition that we are part of something larger and universal.The element associated with this energy center is Air. The qualities associated with air are lightness, openness, movement and invisibility. We can’t see air, we can only see it’s effects, or what is carried by it. In this way air appears magical, much as the other energy most associated with the heart – which is love. Similarly we can’t see love, only it’s impact, and we feel it when we are carried upon it’s wings. As we explore air in the body we look for it’s elemental qualities – lightness, openness, and vibrancy as well as the opposite – sluggishness, heaviness, stagnancy. We use the breath to move air and it’s spiritual counterpart, prana, through the body alchemically lifting and transforming the negative qualities, increasing one’s felt sense of vibrancy, lightness, and openness – all also qualities of Love.Lower Energies and Higher Energies of this Chakra, Anahata: The lower energies we find here, are those we bring with us from the chakra’s below – fear, shame, guilt and self-pity. These lower energies can result in a heart center which is shut down, offering no refuge for the refugee aspects of the self which come here seeking solace. The higher energies stem from the Soul-self that resides here in the Heart Center. When the heart center is at least somewhat open and flowing, the splintered parts of self (the refugee aspects) now have a beautiful resting place to gather – the sanctuary of the soul! In this Sacred Garden the fear based parts of self are greeted warmly and offered healing via the Higher Self … this is a magical healing place, radiant with Divine Light and healing vibrations …. In this open, loving heart space, all healing is possible, and all parts of self are loved!In the Heart Center, we release the need to control by incessant striving and trying, and instead we move into the space of SURRENDER … we meet UNCONDITIONAL LOVE here in this heart space … we release both the smallness of unworthiness and the overcompensating of perfectionism as we come to know our Divine Self, our True Nature – as we expand into the loving embrace of COMPASSION.A Beautiful shift happens as we begin to live from our heart center rather than our lower ego-mind (Solar PLexus self identification). As we healed the Solar Plexus and dropped the struggle of duality, we lifted up into the spaciousness of Oneness that is the heart center. We now move into the reality in which we are enough – just as we are … We are loved, lovable and loving … We are an integral and important part of the whole. We matter – each one of us! And what’s more, we have a mission: the heart center opens us up to cosmic consciousness and we begin to gather that there is much more to us and our world than meets the eye. At the heart center, we are standing on the brink of opening to much much more – all the higher chakras above with their etheric and spiritual natures. At the heart chakra, we’ve come to the end of our higher nature as a person and the beginning of our energetic nature as a Spiritual Being!Please follow along with us in the coming weeks as we explore the energies of the Heart Chakra via posts, morning chanting (12/1), morning meditation (12/2) and a full day workshop (12/2).
 Heal and Energize your Heart Chakra – your portal to your Higher Self!Much Love and Many Blessings! Lynn and