Healing or Cure ~ What’s the difference?

The two are not synonymous! When we think about being cured, it generally means that all evidence of disease has been eliminated. When we think about healing, it connotates the sense of becoming whole. Curing is what we seek from outside of ourselves, generally something offered by the medical community. Healing is a process that begins within and involves coming to terms with whatever ails us ~ in mind, body and spirit.

You can be cured, but not healed. And healed, but not cured! Or both could happen simultaneously. This means that even though a disease or injury may be eliminated, the impact it had on your life, your overall physical health/ability, or your mental, emotional, and spiritual well- being, may not have been addressed. Both curing and healing are important aspects to consider when we are in a state of disease or dis-ease.

Healing is a process…

Even when a condition cannot be cured, immense healing can still take place. Healing is about creating an opening, a welcoming place for peace to reside. From here, you can begin to feel, integrate, and understand all that the issue means to you. It is often hard work to stay open to all that arises as you come to explore root causes such as previous trauma, emotional wounds, or existential crisis. But throughout that journey, healing occurs. Times of healing give us pause to reflect on our lives, to open to compassion, to seek something greater than ourselves for answers. This may launch us on a spiritual quest where we gain so much more, on so many levels. Or we also can gain insight about life patterns that led us to this point, gifting us the opportunity to make life changes, the effects of which, ripple out through our lives and others!

The Spiritual aspect of healing…

And moving a bit deeper, we can expand conscious understanding of how to use the energy of our breath, of our spiritual nature, to heal in ways we wouldn’t have imagined! This connection with Spirit, comes through in an image of Light. Let’s explore briefly, what this has to offer. Reflect for a moment on the radiance of the Light. It is luminous and has concentric circles rippling out, with each circle holding different vibration, color, and healing opportunities. Ironically, the outer rings are at times the closest to you, as when we are in a state of disease/dis-ease, we are often farthest from our center, our Soul. Each ring can be the stepping stone to another ring…giving us a pathway home, back to our wholeness ~ which is what healing is all about! Whether or not we find a cure to what is wrong in our lives, this process of healing is always available!

May we all find healing, for our deepest wounds!
Cheryl and Lynn