Freedom to Flow: Reclaiming Our Essence

As we walk the spiritual path we discover and nurture the freedom to be ever more ourselves – Divine, glorious and free – our essential selves!

In a sense this happens organically, as we align with our essence through …

  • a regular meditation practice

  • reflective time

  • more space to breathe and simply be present.

If you haven’t yet cleared space for such essential time in your day, begin today! Or if you have done so previously, but currently find yourself desperately busy once again, begin again! The most fundamental practice of the spiritual journey is that of meditation, and a daily practice is an anchor … An anchor to the present moment, and an anchor to regular connection with your Higher Self as well as a point of clear connection for the many Light Beings who are guiding you along your path of unfoldment.

A daily meditation practice is a necessity for forwards momentum on your journey!

As soon as you’ve established consistency in your practice you’ll begin to find that the energy of the practice itself calls you in … as though you’ve discovered a river and you are now in its current. Allow the current to guide you, as you have found you’re flow of connection with your Higher Self and higher guides. Shortly you will find your meditation practice guiding you – as you receive … messages about new practices to try answers to questions you’ve been holding in your heart gentle teachings about ego — aspects to relinquish, as your wise heart becomes your guiding light.

In meditative space we inevitably venture deeper into ourselves, discovering yet uncharted realms … quite a bit like being an explorer. This experience can be exhilarating or a bit disorienting, depending.

If you can remember not to hold on too tightly to “the way things are” and allow your mind to open to new possibilities, old patterns of belief, behavior and mentality will fall away more easily than you could’ve imagined a short time ago. If you can loosen your grip and instead, allow, old behaviors you thought would take years to change appear to release like a flower lets go of it’s petals — without a thought or a care. The secret is oneness … the flower is in sync with the rhythm of the universe, which is flow … the organic way of all living things. Allow yourself to open … and to feel into this connection with all that is …

We too have this innate capacity. We too can live life without worry and strife. Our old ways are simply habits of the mind. We have outgrown them.

As the layers of the old false self fall away, your essential self shines through, and you step into a sense of becoming, guided by light. Often folks talk about feeling brighter, lighter, more expansive in this process. This is what happens as we heal. Our nervous system settles; and we feel calm, deeply present, and zingingly alive! There is an exquisite freedom that flows through us … we find it is our nature to flow!

Enjoy your newfound freedom! Don’t be afraid to heal, grow, and change. There is so much to gain in the letting go!

Much Love & Many Blessings on your journey of sacred healing! Lynn & Cheryl