Five steps into Abundance

There are many times that you may have wished for abundance, many ways you have tried to manifest it, and many areas in which you yearn for it. So why does it elude you? Why, you ask yourself, do I work hard, do all the right things, and still it doesn’t seem that you find what you are looking for?If this seems to be your story, it’s time to look a bit deeper to figure it out! The first place to look is to your thoughts. The things you tell yourself about your life. Energetically, our thoughts are very important as thought always precedes and creates form. This means that nothing, no-thing can be created unless there is first a thought, an idea. Even better is when your thought is accompanied by an image, a visual picture of what it is you want to create. And better yet, is when your thought and visual image are accompanied by a strong emotion! For the energy of thought and emotion together is very powerful indeed!This seems logical if you think about it. If you want to build a house, to “think” it into formation is essential. This means that first you have to think about how many and what type of rooms you want, what the layout would be, what materials you would need, etc. Interestingly, when you are wanting to create something more abstract, like abundance, you start in the same way!Step one, THINK about abundance in all ways. Abundance of Love, of Peace, of Money, of Health…or any other area that comes to you. Really allow yourself to imagine it with all of your senses…see how it would look…feel how it would feel…notice where you would be, what you would be doing, etc. Really bring it alive in your thoughts and active imagination!Step two, NOTICE any thoughts you have that are limiting or that negate success in attaining abundance. Thoughts such as, “this will never happen for me” or “only other people are that lucky”. These thoughts may be things you have heard or learned while growing up, thoughts that people in authority have said to you, or thoughts you have created from hard life experiences. However you learned them, noticing them is important because “form follows thought”. Therefore, in the creation of abundance, your thoughts cannot be limiting! Limiting thoughts need to be released or transmuted as they will block the flow of abundance into your life. So congratulate yourself on becoming aware of these limiting thoughts, and move on to the next step to begin the process of changing them!Step three, RECOGNIZE where you first learned the thought, how it came into your life. Ask yourself, was it true for me at one time in my life, but not now? Did it help me or serve me in some way, at some point in my life, but does it now? Why/How did it help me at some point? More than likely you will become aware that your limiting thoughts and beliefs started out of someone’s hard life experience (yours or anothers), and while that experience is no longer present, the limiting belief remains. So let’s move to step four to release it!Step four, CHALLENGE the thought. Is this a thought YOU want to keep? Does it need to be changed in some way? Or does it need to be released completely so it no longer confines you? Does the thought of releasing it cause an emotional reaction such as fear? Guilt? Or some other emotion that frequently stops you in your life? Ask yourself why, and be gentle as you consider alternate thoughts that allow for expansiveness and abundance. Dare to dream!Step five, TAKE ACTION! It is time to take steps to put into motion your new thoughts and the behaviors that support this new path. Give yourself the opportunity to take steps in your new direction within the next seven days. If you hit a road block and hear yourself saying something like, “I can’t do this” or another similar negating or limiting thought…simply start over with step one and work with your thoughts and actions to get back on the path to success!
“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” -Dr.Wayne W. Dyer How true, how true!! Blessings,
Cheryl Sacred Healing Journey