Expressions of Spirit’s Impulse in Your Daily Life

How does your everyday life express your deep and wondrous connection to Spirit? Perhaps you have some rituals – you may meditate, pray, read devotionals or spiritual texts …. perhaps you do yoga or some other type of meditative movement? Most of the ways that we connect up, are ways for Spirit to impress it’s higher energies on us – which is extraordinarily important, and not to be missed! In fact, these ways and means of Spiritual Connection are so important that we spend much of our time at Sacred Healing Journey teaching and talking about these very things.

However, since May is a month in which the higher energies are so obviously manifesting before our very eyes in real time in the physical. The light is so exquisite in this gentle turning of our earth towards the sun. We open our eyes in the morning and feel the dazzle of the earth rejoicing, relaxing, organically opening to higher frequencies! Admit it, you can’t help but smile these days when the sun wakes you as he rounds the horizon with such radiance!

How do we fall into alignment with Mother Earth’s modeling of opening, relaxing, and shining back our light, raising our frequency and supporting the rise in vibration of all those we come into contact with? Imagine all the ways she gifts us with beauty and sweetness! In what ways can we offer up our own honey and light?

Make Choices to Express the Higher Energies

Smile, breathe easy, BE fully present in your body in this present moment, release worries and cares. Resource yourself daily – connect with the light of the sun and the light of your soul! Try practicing the Loving Kindness Meditation (or a similar ritual) regularly to give yourself a dose of good love. (Join us live on FB and let us guide you through this meditation).

Consciously connect with living creatures in your own way – open your heart to them … talk or sing to or touch the animals, trees and flowers that cross your path when you’re on a stroll. Greet the sun, wind, water and earth when you step outside.

Give thanks frequently for your bounty and blessings! Be grateful. Gratitude is a doorway into higher frequency!

Be present. We can’t do any of these simple things if we are not present. It matters whether or not we are present in our lives – this is literally the first step to manifesting the higher energies in your daily life. If we are not present, we cannot bless the world around us.

Choose words that feel lovely to say. Notice when your words sound harsh, and choose differently. How would you feel if your words sounded like your favorite wind chime or smelled like your favorite flower or dessert? It’s possible – sounds are vibration; and they hold the power of creation. Our vibration impacts everything around us!

No need to try to be a saint. Start right where you’re at. Let it be easy! Let it be fun! Most of us don’t allow enough joy into our lives. It’s not that it’s not there – the possibility of joy is everywhere! (It’s in the wag of our dog’s tail, or the giggle of those rambunctious children annoying you at the restaurant). It’s that we have become numb to joy because we’re too loaded down with the heavy energy of worry and stress. Let’s turn it around! Wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable to embody beauty and harmony? And we can … these little actions aren’t difficult. It’s about remembering and making conscious choices about little things throughout the day.

  • Set your intention to be present

  • Remind yourself throughout the day

  • Make conscious choices to embody your light in a million small little ways – your choice, whenever you remember

  • Pretty soon these new ways become a pattern

  • Voila!

Begin to choose joy! It’s easy enough … it will come naturally as you begin to make the small choices throughout your daily walk that align you with your Soul’s Light in any or all of the ways noted above, or others of your choosing.

We’d love to hear about your journey!
Much Love and Many Blessings!
Lynn and Cheryl