Exploring Christ Consciousness

One way of understanding Christ Consciousness is that Jesus is the pattern while Christ is the power — the way. Jesus became the embodiment of God on earth – much as we learn to embody our own Spiritual essence to become god-like, to step into our god-nature.

To embody Christ Consciousness — is to overcome the desires and deficits of the ego that distract us from our true purpose — spiritual growth, aka, enlightenment! For most of us it’s a very long road, and a lot of work. Often we begin the journey before we even realize that what we are seeking is spiritual growth: initially we might be embarking on psychological growth, or perhaps even just trying to stop the pain. As it is, we spend much of our lifetime stuck in the ego’s disorienting white noise.

Thus, the first step of our journey often involves learning to differentiate and shift out of the ego’s small self perspective which we mistakenly take to be the Self. This false self contains all of the negative myths we’ve come to believe about ourselves, such as “I am unworthy, unloveable, or otherwise flawed”. These distorted beliefs give rise to matching mental habits such as comparing yourself to others, judging and criticizing yourself as well as others. And of course the mental habits produce behavioral patterns such as striving and trying, competing, going it alone, invulnerability, etc.

As we learn to surrender the ego to the prompting of our Soul’s light, we begin to listen to the guidance of higher consciousness in its many forms – the higher self, Spirit’s prompting, and spiritual guides including … ascended masters, arch angels and other light beings. Little by little we begin to embody Christ Consciousness.

What does this look like? Typically our first steps begin as a journey of well being. Then as we learn to attune inwards, listening more deeply, we begin to hear the still small voice of our higher self, and our journey then takes on spiritual dimensions.

Steps on the Journey

  • Therapy – to begin to differentiate the ego small self from the Soul self, and find your way out of it’s maze-like thinking.

  • Mindfulness – learn to be in the NOW, and hold more awareness on what’s happening within

    • to observe the thinking

    • and feel the feelings

  • Meditation – focus, present awareness practice, eventually connecting up to the higher realms, spiritual guidance, lessons & healing.

  • Come to know yourself as a spark of divine essence, your soul – awaken to your expansive nature.

  • Develop your Spiritual gifts — this is how we bring glory and light to the world around us, through the embodiment of unconditional love and focused awareness. In this presence, our gifts expand and grow as we share them with others in service of healing and wholeness.

  • Know yourself as a healer — this is part of the ascension process. Practice engaging in the higher realms, bringing higher states of consciousness through yourself as a channel of healing.

  • Engage directly with beings of light residing beyond the veil who are available to help you actualize your spiritual nature.

  • As you grow in the embodiment of Spirit on earth, you spread love, light and healing as is your mission for this lifetime.

The transformative power of Christ Consciousness is awakened as individuals move into alignment with the pattern set by Jesus and the way he lived his life. In fact, this awakening is the fundamental purpose each soul enters into life.

*Reach out to us if you have questions about your spiritual path. We are here to assist you!

Lots of Love & an abundance of Blessings!
Lynn & Cheryl