Embody Your Light! Understanding your meditation experience!

What is happening in meditation when it gets brighter, more illuminated within?

We are connecting with higher frequency energy and activating inner sensory experiences. This is often experienced through the image of Light ~ bright white, swirling colors, or sometimes, even darkness as we reach the void of stillness where creation begins!

When we connect up in this way, we often experience physical sensations too. Tingling, warmth, pulsing, coolness, etc. This is affirmation that your physical body is also now engaging in the energies of the spiritual realm. It is in this way that we attune our physical nature to our Divine Nature. Over time, with intention and practice, we build increasing capacity to merge our physical body with our Spiritual Soul energy. This does three basic things… (and a whole lot more!)

  • 1. Creates unity to allow opportunity for your mind/body/spirit to express its highest potential.

  • 2. Allows for cellular change within which fosters healing on many levels ~ mind/thoughts/beliefs, emotions, physical body, spiritual consciousness.

  • 3. Evolves our thoughts to discover new insights and ideas, which leads to new choices and decisions, which leads to new behaviors ~ Transformation!

This process of connection with your Spiritual Nature is a birthright! Why? Because we never really disconnect once we come into physical form! The shift in form from energy/spirit to physical form/body is huge! The physical realm is heavy, dense, and slow in comparison to the energy realms of our Spiritual Nature! It takes time to adjust to this earthly dimension and we often lose conscious memory of our Soul Light! But we are so much more than our humanness! When we drift with intention into different states of consciousness through meditation, sleep, daydreaming ~ we open up, reach up, and connect up once again with our Soul Light! It is ever present and expansive. Bright and Illuminated. Comforting and Healing.

Once we experience its existence, who wouldn’t want to Embody it?!
May you experience Much Love and Many Blessings!
Cheryl and Lynn