As our meditation practice becomes consistent, it evolves, it deepens, and it expands our understanding of our self, our world, and our Spiritual Nature.

We begin to become familiar with our inner landscape that typically had not been a part of everyday living. Initially it is common to discover a world of color and light. This often is accompanied by physical sensations such as tingles, pulses or temperature changes. As these experiences are very “real”, (we actually do see and feel them!), three things happen!

1. Curiosity is peaked! This inspires us to continue the journey into the inner realms! 2. A sense of peace, harmony or clarity is experienced that benefits our overall wellbeing. 3. An initial sense of trust in ourselves, our own experiences takes root.

At this point, time and space are experienced very differently. If you’ve ever tried to journal about a meditation, you may have discovered that actually so much more had happened than you thought! So much insight and experience that doesn’t seem to fit with the physical amount of time you had been meditating! Or perhaps you felt or experienced yourself in a space that is hard to define with words, yet you feel a sense of calm or have an insight ~ where did this come from? Where were you geographically? These experiences begin to give you a new and different personal experience with time and space!

The continued practice of meditation can then become the pathway to transcend into even deeper dimensions of consciousness. We begin to discover further! In the spiritual realms that lay beyond the colors and lights of our initial meditation journeys, objects and symbols now appear! The tingles and pulses of initial meditation practice expand to a meaningful spiritual connection, a sense of ‘spiritual presence’. How long did it take you to traverse to these new places? Mere seconds…perhaps minutes? Did you really go anywhere? Yet were you somewhere totally different from the physical meditation space?

These experiences are at least worthy of inquiring: What if?! What if there is more to this universe than I thought? What if I have access to unlimited potential? What if I AM always connected to a higher consciousness?

The Sacred Healing Journey is exciting…inspiring…transcendent! We are so glad for your presence and wish you much Love and many Blessings!

Cheryl and Lynn

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