Curious about the Mind/Body/Spirit connection?

Most have heard the term “mind/body” or maybe even “mind/body/spirit”, but don’t actually know in what ways these are connected, and more importantly, how understanding more deeply what this means, can be a path to physical, emotional and mental health as well as increased spiritual connection. As the body is actually the sacred vessel that is the home for your Spirit while you are here on Earth, it is also one of the primary messengers by which your Spirit, or your Higher Self, transmits guidance for your well-being and for you to remember the purpose for which you are here! The aches, pains and illnesses you experience are physical in nature, yes, and often become diseases that need medical attention. But with expanded consciousness, a new understanding begins to emerge that can allow you to understand how disease in the body indicates dis-ease in your spiritual or energy system that, when understood, can reveal insight and awareness to assist in your healing process. Important information is consistently being conveyed through your body to help it restore itself to health on many levels. Learning how to interpret this symbolic information requires first, that you be “present” to your body in a way that allows awareness and deep listening in a new way. One way to do this is through meditation that focuses on connecting to your body in a relaxed and observant way, noting the places that hold pain or dis-ease. Then, using gentle, intentional breathing, create sacred space for opening and releasing the imbalance, the tightness, the pain…yes, this simple step, practiced daily for 30 days, is the beginning step on a new path for you to help your body heal! We invite you to listen to the meditation below and give yourself this gift of self-care that presents an opening to conscious healing. And continue your learning by joining in the monthly group meditations in April and May, and the Meditation and Integral Healing Breathwork workshop in June where you can learn more about this phenomenal process! Listen to this audio recording to learn how breath consciousness increases body awareness