Continuing on the spiritual path ~ how do you know what to do next? Where to go next? How to expand and evolve consciousness?

We don’t know what lies ahead, in fact, being open to what comes is what allows us to stay in “Beginner’s Mind” where all things can be learned! When we think we already know the answers, we become blocked in the realm of our current knowledge and limit ourselves as new information can’t find a way to flow in.

So, what do we look for? How does guidance show up?

A few common things to be aware of…

  • Your own inner feeling ~ both physical and emotional! Often called your gut feeling or sixth sense! The feelings that tell us whether a situation, person, place or decision is right for us. Important though, is to discern your inner truth from your old patterns/beliefs rooted in fear or despair. To do so takes some dedication and healing of old wounds.

  • Synchronicity that occurs in your life is often showing up as a guide. There will be something beyond the initial reaction of noticing the way something appears in your life. Something meaningful to you in some way. Ask your Inner Self…for what purpose is this showing up for me? Discern by your inner feelings what the answer may be pointing to in your life.

  • Setting an intention is a powerful tool to use. It is an easy process that can be done in a variety of ways.

    • Try This! Take a few minutes to get centered and then, with your eyes closed, envision your goal already complete. Really try to feel it as complete. Then in this meditative state, “ask up” to your Higher Power ~ “What do I need to do or learn about this?” Perhaps you will get a feeling, idea, etc. right then. If not, stay aware over the next days/weeks for something in your life, your dreams, to appear that is connected. This step takes practice and fine tuning of your perceptions!

The answers may be bold, or subtle. They may fill you with inspiration or challenge you to take steps outside of your comfort zone, towards big change. Allow yourself to take time to feel into this new way that you are being guided towards. Take steps only as you are ready, get support from those you trust, stay curious and open!

May you enjoy your journey with Consciousness!
Love and Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn