Consciousness Rising!

We slip in and out of states of consciousness all the time. And if we’re doing our work (therapy, meditation, mindfulness) and / or on a spiritual path, some of those states of consciousness will be quite high, with the highest known state being that of Christ Consciousness.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s look at three ways of understanding states of consciousness.

  • Child Consciousness – when you realize you’re using an old strategy, one that no longer serves you, like speaking impulsively in anger (teenage strategy) or shutting down when disappointed (child strategy).

  • Healthy Adult Consciousness – utilize mature strategies, like pause and breathe before responding to a triggering event. In adult consciousness there is an inner awareness of our needs, defensive reactions, as well as strengths; and our interactions spring from a harmonious balance between these aspects of self. In this state of consciousness there is a sense of being able to care for ourselves, along with having empathy for others. Compassion is a hallmark of healthy adult consciousness.

  • Christ Consciousness is the highest state of all the levels of higher consciousness. When you contemplate the life of Jesus, it sheds light on what this level of consciousness is all about – Integrity, Mercy, unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Healing, and Justice. Jesus was here on earth to embody this high state of Consciousness, to show the way for all of us as to our higher possibilities.

Last week’s blog “Exploring Christ Consciousness” offered some healing steps a seeker may take in order to raise one’s level of consciousness and embody the higher energies. This blog is a part II in a sense to add more detail and further the discussion.

When discussing steps to higher consciousness, recall your knowledge of the chakras – as they offer a clear map of the path.
(For more info on the chakras see “Chakra Alignment”)

Let’s imagine that to move from child to adult consciousness, you learn to keep the three lower chakras in balance – open and flowing in coordination with the heart chakra. (See chart below). Adult consciousness blossoms as all seven chakras are healing, beginning to come into balance, and function in harmony with one another. We begin to touch into Christ consciousness when we are able to consciously hold presence amidst the great power and expansiveness of the crown chakra. As we learn to attune to this higher consciousness, we grow into it’s embodiment through rigorous discipline in our daily practices of meditation, mindful presence, and nuanced relationship – including asking up, listening and follow through on the guidance given.

    Root chakra healing

  • Release of fear

  • Safety

  • Nurturing relationship with your body

  • Valuing your body

  • Loving dynamic with Mother Earth

  • Opening to a belief in abundance

Sacral chakra healing

  • Release of shame

  • Healthy self worth

  • Nurturing relationship with emotions

  • Value emotions

  • Healthy sexuality

  • Solar Plexus healing

    • Release of victim triangle tendencies

    • Release of the inner critic

    • Balanced sense of personal power

    Heart Chakra

    • Unconditional Love for self and others

    • Unconditional Love, kindness and / or warmth infused all healed qualities of all energy centers

    • An awareness that you are warmly accompanied and supported always

    • Intimate relationship with your Soul-self

    Throat Chakra

    • Authentic expression of your higher self in your words, deeds, and creations

    • Creative expressions promoted by Soul-self

    • Actions and steps taken in your life directed via your Soul

    • Purification & refinement of you’re personality self

    Third Eye

    • Clear seeing

      • outward, in the world around you

      • inward, inner vision

      • inner witness to your own thoughts, habits, lower energies – supporting transformation

    • Reading signs & symbols

    • Reading energy

    • Awakened psychic abilities

    Crown Chakra

    • Awakening to your expansive nature

    • A whole other level of truly understanding your worth / power

    • Learning to stay present in the presence of increasingly greater power & higher frequency

    • Learning to hold and work with increasingly greater power / higher frequency

    • Working with angels and spirit guides

    As with all growth, the path is often winding, and setbacks are a natural part of the journey. After all, life on this earth – school is all about learning! The embodiment of Christ Consciousness, one of the highest states of consciousness, is about forgiveness, mercy and unconditional love — offered first and foremost to yourself. You can’t begin to share the high frequency of these states of consciousness without first embodying them. How do you embody them? The first step is in offering these gifts to yourself. What does this look like? It looks like compassion … responding gently to yourself when you’re upset and regularly speaking with a kind regard within your inner dialogue.

    If this journey sounds daunting, relax, there is no rush! This is a one step at a time, day by day journey, of which your awareness will inevitably come and go from. Start where you’re at. Set aside a few moments today to take advantage of the quiet moments available in the hush after the holidays.

    Spend some time in meditation connecting with the light of unconditional love, the light of your soul’s ray. Practice letting go of your worries in meditation, and asking up for support.

    More and more your awareness will be able to rest in this high space, informing and guiding each energy center with the clear wisdom and love of Divine essence.

    Blessings of Love & Light to you in the New Year!
    Lynn and Cheryl