Conscious Choice ~ Nurtures Higher Consciousness

Conscious Choice … Are you aware that you are making choices moment by moment? How much consciousness are you allowing in to your moment by moment choices – are you tuning in, or are you tuning out? Are you turning the volume of your higher self up or down? Let’s get conscious of the fact that we are choosing in order to bring more conscious awareness to our moment by moment decisions.

How different would your daily life be if you were deciding what to eat, when to sleep, and how to spend your time – who to spend that time with, what music to listen to, what reading material to surround yourself with, etc, based on what’s in the very best interest of your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth and development? Fortunately, what is best for us spiritually is the exact same thing that is best for us physically, mentally and emotionally! This is the beauty of being a holistic being! For example, if you consciously choose a diet that is best for your body type, i.e., listen in to the cues of your body and choose foods that make you feel better, this same diet will quite naturally best support your mental, emotional and spiritual development. This diet will appear to effortlessly deliver a clearer mind, heightened physical energy, and a calm, well regulated nervous system. It appears effortless in its results because the effort came up front when the choice was made to listen in to the cues from your body. This listening in is the consciousness in the choice.

When we begin to apply this higher level of consciousness, our lives begin to look and feel different – better!

The cool thing about making choices consciously, is that the choice stems from what feels best for us! What feels best for us as in what do we really need / what’s going to ultimately bring us greater satisfaction. Living consciously is like giving yourself permission to really matter in your daily decisions. Many of us, quite unconsciously, are living as if we were not worth caring for. Living consciously, moment by moment, is an ongoing act of checking in with yourself to see what would feel most comfortable for your overall sense of self. Choosing in this way is a very loving process.

At our most basic level, we can shift into higher consciousness any moment of our day by simply following our breath in and following our breath out. This releases us from the clutches of our thinking – doing mind which keeps us on a needless merry go round of endless thinking and driven doing. Once we pause and feel our breath, our mind is allowed to rest in the awareness of the breath, anchoring our awareness in to the body. Moving more into attunement with the nuances of the body is an easy access portal into higher consciousness. Within the body we find both gross and subtle energies – the more subtle we attune, the higher our level of consciousness. To better understand this, consider your trajectory within a yoga class or meditation session. At the beginning, we are often distracted by our gross body awareness – aware of the needs of the body …something hurts, we feel an itch, it’s hard to settle in. Next there’s a layer of mental debris, possibly in the form of distorted thoughts – am I doing this right, or simply drifting off – both ways of moving into lower consciousness on the mental plane. Eventually, we settle in, find the flow, and move into that space of Oneness with the breath – this is a higher layer of consciousness as we tune in with the subtle body. By he time the session ends we often find ourselves in a much improved state – Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Welcome to Higher Consciousness! You know the route, you just have to choose it in order to receive it. The power is yours!

Much love and many blessings on your journey!
Lynn and Cheryl