Components of Healing

At Sacred Healing Journey we are long time believers and proponents of healing! Healing happens through releasing old fear-based patterns, moving into an energy of self-love, beginning to believe in new possibilities and positive outcomes, learning and utilizing skills of meditation, visualization, and intention! Read on to learn more about the specific steps of healing.


The very first step of any healing is belief. Belief impacts us at the cellular level of our body. Our cells literally behave differently when we are aligned mind, body, and spirit with our belief. Fear, on the other hand, negatively impacts functioning at the cellular level. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, discusses this at length in his book, Biology of Belief. Click the link above for a highlight of his findings.


Move into alignment within yourself – mental, emotional, and physical body through focused awareness meditation. Allow your breath to be an anchor into your body, releasing thoughts, and calming emotions through mindful awareness of breath. Expand your meditative state and bring your mind into peak focus by engaging all of your senses in the present moment. Focus on compassion to merge into a state of Oneness with all that is.


State your intention for healing, be clear and specific. State your intention in the present, as though the healing has already taken place. Visualize in vivid detail life unfolding in new ways now that this healing is complete – imagining all the new possibilities of this healthy outcome.


We know that surrender is an important spiritual principal, but all too often we get hung up trying to micro-manage the universe. Let your ego step aside. Sometimes it helps to remember that we are merely a conduit for healing energy to flow through. It’s not us that controls the outcome. Surrender is a vital step! Once we’ve taken the proper steps, we need to move out of the way and let the universe do its thing. We need to TRUST. Believe.

Do you believe in healing? At Sacred Healing Journey we do! We are currently exploring a specific model of healing in our Awakening the Healer Within group, modeled after Lynn McTaggert’s work, and experiencing amazing results! Click the link above for info on our upcoming group.

Blessings on Your Journey!
Lynn and Cheryl