Compassion is a state of consciousness!

Compassion is a state of consciousness that we can choose to hold in viewing our world.

Mercy is an action that comes as result.

As we move through our lives, our perspective about it is colored by our experiences. We develop a world view based on those experiences. If we have been confronted with atrocity and hardship, we can reflexively see the world as unsafe, negative, or depressing. This then becomes the state of mind, or the consciousness that we hold as we navigate life demands. What we now know however, is that the belief systems held in consciousness attract experiences that support it! This is what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy. What we also now know though, is that our consciousness is a vibration and frequency that we can change! A mood, a belief, a thought ~ they are all simply energy waves. We cannot hold them in our hands or see them as they are a state of consciousness within us, a felt experience and one which we can choose to shift.

In this month that holds the stories of miracles, let’s think about a miracle that could happen in your life! What if you made an agreement with yourself, for just this month, to turn your focus away from the energy of negativity? And instead of joining with the energy of anger, hatred, violence, etc. you shifted the vibration or frequency of your thoughts upwards. What might that look like? Here are some beginning steps:

  • If you are a news junkie, peruse the headlines only to keep informed, but skip reading through articles that stimulate inner angst.

  • When your mind moves into judgment, see if you can understand a new perspective that allows for compassion. Exs. If I am angry because someone is trying to control me, I could shift my perspective to understand that under their controlling nature, they are holding a fear that they will be powerless.

  • If you walk through your world seeing only greed, corruption, lawlessness, laziness and the like, make a special effort to consistently find the beauty in your surroundings. Feel the wonder in free falling snow or the warmth of a ray of sun streaming through a window. Or engage in acts of kindness such as smiling as you pass others or holding open a door for someone.

You get the picture!! For the entire month, be observant of your inner beliefs, thoughts, and feelings ~ those invisible things ~ and shift them up a notch or two! Delve into compassion about the situation, bring about a new state of consciousness…you may even choose to begin with yourself! Remember, the internal state of being we hold, will attract that which will support it. What do you want to attract?

In this season that holds the possibility of the miraculous,
Take the courageous step of “shifting upward” throughout every day.
And become aware of the differences in your life!

May Love, Compassion, and Joy be yours,
Cheryl and Lynn