Changing Underneath…at the cellular level!

Imperceptible change is happening at the cellular level. Even though you may not notice, it continues its changing. Moments go by, days, years even before we notice the physical changes on the outside. Meanwhile, beneath the surface, at the cellular level, change is constant. When we learn how to be aware of the subtlest of cues, we sense and feel these changes earlier…sooner. And even more, we can begin to effect changes that are occurring!

It turns out, quantum physics tells us that the cells of our physical body respond to the signals they receive from external sources and then act accordingly! And what are those external sources? Anything that comes from outside the cell! This is big! This means that what was once the prevailing belief, that what was contained within the cell ~ the DNA ~ was the only and primary source of the cell’s expression, is NOT actually the mastermind for the cell’s operation! This means that we have much more power than we knew, to influence the cellular expression of our bodies! Wait, what?!? Yes, newer research is helping science catch up with all the mysteries of why prayer works, why some people have miraculous healing without traditional medical interventions, and why mindfulness and meditation are key to health and healing! For what we believe, what thoughts we allow ourselves to rest in, what emotional states we default to…all are key to the nearly imperceptible changes that are ever occurring beneath our consciousness awareness ~ at the cellular level! Unconscious that is, until we decide to become conscious to them and to take an active role in the process of that which lies beneath the surface ~ our cellular expression!

When we think of this premise: It is input from external sources that most influence the cell, then we have a game changer! This includes but goes far beyond what we eat and the medications that we put into our body. External to the cell are also all the signals that bombard it 24/7 from our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and early psychological and cultural programming. When we pause and look inward, feel inward, we discover our reactive thoughts, thoughts anchored in societal expectations, and the thoughts born out of our early programming. And as we tune into all the feelings, emotions and beliefs they trigger, we realize just how much information we are inputting to our cells! And we can then ask ourselves the question: How is what lies internally, beneath the surface ~ my thoughts, feelings, beliefs ~ affecting me, my cell’s ability to create health? When we ask this, we begin to see connections to the state of our physical body.

So often we fear looking inward, or don’t know how or that it even mattered! But when we delve deeper within, even moving deeper underneath our programming, we discover an inner world rich with beauty and wonder. A return to our Divine nature, we find a new layer of authenticity of Self!

When we spend time in that space during meditation, and feel into it, we are introducing a new kind of signal at a cellular level. A signal that feeds the cells information about our Divine nature, beauty and supreme worthiness. And our cells, already in the process of constant, imperceptible change, absorb this new information and express accordingly! Yes! A game changer!

May you be inspired to explore deeply,
For you will find the treasure that is You!
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Cheryl and Lynn