Budding, Blooming, Blossoming ~ the offerings of Spring!

Right now…at this very moment…we are receiving the gifts of Spring!

  • New energy is stirring, and the budding of growth begins!

  • With increased Light the new buds begin to open…bloom!

  • With spring rains, warmth, and time, blooms fully blossom into fullness and beauty!

We can ask ourselves, how do we tap into these energies within our own lives? How do we use this model so freely given? For its occurrence in nature serves to reawaken us to our own Nature – and we can allow our spiritual energy to sync and harmonize! This springtime energy awakens a process of internal exploration. It is a time of feeling inward to sense those places where you are being nudged into a growth process. Initially, it is perhaps just an idea that comes to you, or a wish for a new way. It is small, without much power or drive, but persistent none the less! At this Stage of Budding, the new is barely seen, so an inner sensing is called forth for awareness to what is to come! This could be about anything at all ~ and that is the fun of discovery!

Then you may find that fleeting thought or idea popping up all over the place! You read an article in a magazine and it is about this very idea or you are in a check-out line and the person ahead of you is in conversation with the clerk about the very thought you’d been contemplating! It’s like that! The song streams in and the message gives you an idea that furthers the process! Yes, this is the Blooming Stage! The new now begins to be felt and seen! There is a stronger inner impulse which prompts more thought and perhaps moves you into action just a bit! Those trial runs where you take the risk and step one foot into a new direction. Exciting and scary all at the same time, wishing turns into hopefulness with each small step of success.

The success of today leads to the fuller expression of tomorrow ~ the Blossoming Stage of the new you! Those tentative steps find their footing and the new opens fully to the world! No longer hidden, you find yourself trying on “the new” in all aspects of life. Different situations, with different people, to varying degrees all are a part of process of blossoming into the fullness and beauty of the new way! No longer one-dimensional, the new step comes alive in vibrancy and brings energy that enriches your life.

Ask yourself…are you ready to synchronize with these energies of Spring? We are! Join us ~ our offerings are many!

May your Full Expression Blossom into the world, Cheryl and Lynn