Beyond Limitation!

In our journey of Soul Discovery, we traverse the terrain of the ego. With all of its wants, desires, and narcissistic wounds, it poses many blocks that limit us in so many ways and on so many levels. Over time, we have let the ego lead our lives and have come to believe in the narrow world view it creates. Well, how about making 2020 the year you burst through those limitations and step more fully into the majestic world of your Spiritual origins?

Now is the time to step more fully into your own Divine Nature! To do this though, is a journey. It requires us to step out of our comfort zone…actually, it’s not even that comfortable most of the time! So why do we stay in this place of limitation?

Mainly it is because that is what we know ~ what we’ve been told about ourselves and the world in which we live. What do you imagine would happen if from birth, you were told about the wonders of your Divine Nature? If the realms of the spiritual worlds were opened and accessible so that each day as you awoke, you also were lovingly Awakened to your inner beauty?

As you contemplate this possibility, a daily opportunity to Awaken to the splendors of your Spiritual Nature, pause and breathe……..notice: what are you feeling? Bring your awareness right into your Dantian, that energy center in the naval/belly where your life force energy can be stored and from which it flows. In the lower part of the Dantian, the Sacral chakra area, is the seat of our thoughts and emotions. When our awareness is solely anchored in the physical realms, it becomes flooded with what the physical world reflects to us which is often filled with messages that create limiting beliefs, thoughts of unworthiness and feelings of fear or negativity. This is where a vast disconnect from our Soul Nature occurs, for it is at our core, beyond the worldly view, that we connect with our Divine Essence, that which is expansive and reflective of the spiritual realms. So right now, at this very moment, you can make a new choice of where you want to anchor your attention!

You can begin anew! Allow yourself to explore ways in which to contemplate your Spiritual Nature. Whether through intentional Breathwork, meditation, or any other spiritual path, shift your awareness increasingly inwards. This is a daily practice that over time, guides you back home to your Soul Nature ~ the Truth of who you are! …and what an amazing being you are!

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May your journey of Soul Discovery awaken you deeply!
May you discover the magnificent gifts of your Soul!
Cheryl and Lynn