Perhaps you can already feel the awakening? The quickening of life within, as we move day by day into the ever present energy of spring! We feel this life force energy as though it’s gently awakening us from the slumber of winter. Do you feel as if this quickening of life is happening within you or around you? It’s an interesting question, because the answer is most likely both! This flow of life force energy, beginning as a gentle stirring in late winter, then flowing and expanding into the awakening energies of spring are opportunities to sense what we call Oneness! As these energies are experienced both within the body of our personal energy field, right along with the greater body all around us – the body of our Mother Earth and her energy field in which we live.

It’s a beautiful mirroring process in which to sense see and feel our connection to All That Is when we slow down enough to notice these subtle signals of awakening. Pause and pay attention to the ways your body aligns itself with the rhythms of the mother … We notice through all of our senses! You may notice a sudden whiff of spring … the scent of earth or blossoming flowers, on a warm spring day when the sun’s rays are surprisingly strong. Notice the matching sensation in your own body: it may be a stirring in your gut, a lift or sense of gentle expansion, a lightening. As you notice the sun’s increasing presence in your days you may feel your mood lift, which is a sign of energetic expansion in your personal energy field. Notice the signals your body gives as you feel the winds of changing temperature or begin to see little green shoots of life emerging through the softening ground as our friends, the crocuses and daffodils, usher in the bright early colors of spring!

When you notice the subtle cues of felt sense in your body, you are training your awareness for some important lessons. The lessons are greater than what we might imagine, as being in touch with our inner awareness seems so simple. But in today’s fast paced world, with so much of our awareness stuck on the mental plane lost in constant thought, we have lost a wealth of information that is our birthright and our inner guidance system. When we slow down and carefully observe the natural world, and / or sense our inner stirrings, we come back into attunement with the life force within, the body’s inner wisdom, and a growing sense of connection with All that Is!

Enjoy the stirrings of Spring this month as you continue unfolding and expanding on your Sacred Healing Journey!

Much Love and Many Blessings! Lynn and Cheryl