Awaken to your Authentic Self!

It’s ironic how the masks that we wear are initially put in place to cover our perceived flaws, ie, I don’t want anyone to imagine I’m imperfect, to see that I am angry, to guess that I feel anxious right now. So the mask is a disguise (suddenly we can see where the word disingenuous comes from) designed to cover up our true nature! Every time we put a mask on via behaviors, words, attitude or even facial expressions, whether the masking is big and bold or extremely subtle, we are distancing ourselves from our authenticity. And can you guess the result of distancing from our authentic self? Does it bring us more into integration, confidence and a sense of wholeness? Absolutely not.

Thus, the more often we mask our true self, the further we grow from knowing and loving ourselves, the greater our inner insecurities grow. This pattern of masking is indeed a significant part of the root of our anxieties. You might want to pause here, because for many of us that’s a pretty big ah-ha! Who doesn’t want less anxiety in their life? If you’re ready for a change, read on!

Now let’s remember how we got into this mess in the first place – not wanting others to see who we really are. This is where we run up against some inner beliefs that aren’t true … Why would we need to hide who we are? Hiding would only be necessary if there was an internal belief that we are not worthy / good enough / lovable as we are. Often these beliefs are hidden deep in the unconscious – they are not always obvious to us. However, the hidden thoughts that stem from these beliefs are easier to notice. They tend to move in and out of our conscious awareness, just beneath the surface, in the shallow waters.

What’s the path back to ourselves? How do we stop the habit of hiding behind these masks? The clearest path to our authentic self is a little surprising in that it’s nothing fancy and requires no formal education. The most direct path back to our authentic self is to begin to pay attention to our emotions … to what we’re feeling moment to moment, underneath the feared imperfections. To notice what blocks us from owning and expressing our anger. Underneath that general sense of anxiety – what emotions have gone unacknowledged and unexpressed creating tension?

Set your intention to notice the next time you’re putting on a mask. See if you can feel what’s underneath … what emotion you’re feeling. At first it might feel like too big of a leap to begin immediately sharing these formerly hidden emotions. But perhaps you can simply imagine what might ensue if you were to express this feeling … what would it look like? What would you say? How might your expression be met? Or you might begin journaling these new discoveries of emotion, and give yourself some spaciousness to sit in the presence of your inner world. Notice what it feels like to simply hold space for yourself in this way. This, holding space for your self, can be a profoundly healing experience.

The path of awakening begins and deepens with a conscious choice to be mindful, more present, notice moments of connection with yourself. See if you can notice moments of disconnection, and how that feels different … then notice your doorway back to yourself.

Much Love & Many Blessings on your healing journey. This is indeed a sacred path.
Lynn & Cheryl