Awaken to the Light that You Are!

“Embody your light!” We made this our slogan here at Sacred Healing Journey because it succinctly conveys such a powerful message! Embody your light says… Awaken to the light that you are … Feel the higher vibration of Spiritual energy in your body … Get in touch with and become familiar with your light … Bring your Spiritual energy into your body … Cultivate energetic presence in your body … Come home to your body … Awaken to the sacred marriage of your Spiritual light with your physical being … Remember who you are at your essence. Own it!

How do we go from feeling like a small, insignificant person, detached and disconnected from our essence, to a sense of embodiment?

At Sacred Healing Journey we help people heal on the mental and emotional levels, inviting them each step of the way to FEEL this shifting energy within their physical bodies. As disturbances on the emotional and mental planes heal and come into alignment with higher truth, healing takes place within the physical body through the opening of energetic channels. This is an experience of embodying your light.

At SHJ we also facilitate healing on the subtle energy level directly through offerings like our monthly Community Meditation group and classes like “You Are A Soul” in which folks connect up with their Higher Self, thus experiencing the sensation of one’s body being infused with high vibrational light. This is an infusion of your Higher Self or light body into the energy of your physical body.

Additionally, we offer subtle energy healing services such as Reiki energy healing, color and sound healing, and other types of subtle energy healing, along with soul retrieval work, and past life regression sessions, etc. When your energy is stagnant, you are less present and less powerful. And eventually you’ll end up with some dysfunction around that blocked energy. These types of sessions work directly with the subtle energy to flush out stuck patterns and assist your energy to open into your more expansive nature. This too is an experience of embodying your light.

No matter the healing modality, the most important thing is that you are learning to tune into the felt experience of the subtle energy in your body. You are learning to feel the flow within your body, and practices to awaken, calm, and unblock this flow. Once you know the way from stagnation to flow, from feeling dense and heavy in the body to light and vibrational, healing is in your hands! Whatever you do, however you approach your healing journey, do not take a passive approach. Whether you work with a Reiki healer or a psychotherapist, a physical therapist or a spiritual teacher – they may be your guide, but YOU are your HEALER. It is you who is learning to embody your light. It is you who is learning to notice the felt sense of awakened energy in your body, and it is your job to begin to learn the way back – out of stagnation and into flow.

As you venture onwards on your healing journey, it’s vital to set some time aside each day just for you. To check in, to pay attention to you, to your inner cues, to notice what shuts your energy down and what opens it up … spend time practicing ways to generate flow … to move from constricted to expansive energy. Tuning inward is to healing, like breathing is to living.

Your job, as a soul with a body on earth at this time, is to awaken as your higher self within this body … to be fully present NOW, to shine your light. This, is ultimately, what it means to “Embody your Light!”.

Much Love and Many Blessings on your Journey! Lynn and Cheryl

Photo by Bill Bos