Are You An Energy Healer?

Perhaps “Energy Healing” sounds fanciful? As if it’s only for the chosen with special abilities, if at all. What if energy healing is a possibility for everyone? Imagine that!

What if we were all born with the abilities to heal ourselves and all it takes is the desire to do so? Would you do it?

Did you answer yes? Ok, let’s raise the stakes just a bit. What if all it takes to heal yourself is …

  • The Desire to heal

  • Inner Attunement – the ability to listen in closely to your inner world of thoughts, emotions & physical sensations

  • Focus & Imagination – the ability to hold a clear vision

  • Compassion – to listen in to your own needs with non-judgement

  • An Open Heart – the ability to turn the warmth and tenderness of your heart center towards yourself!

What if ALL of these abilities are organically ours – part of our human – spirit nature. But, in this fast paced, driven, multi-tasking world in which we live, these inborn gifts get pushed aside and forgotten. Our lifestyles don’t support the growth of these gifts.

Yet there’s one simple practice that brings us back into alignment with our spiritual and miraculous nature! Can you guess what that is … ?

~~ A Daily Meditation Practice!~~

We know it sounds like “work” to hone all of these gifts. But honestly, does sitting down calmly and quietly for 20 minutes a day sound like a heavy load? Imagine how easy it is to waste those 20 minutes on social media! You’ve got those 20 minutes. It’s really a matter of becoming more conscious about choice. Not to mention the aversion you likely have to inner attunement, compassion and tender heartedness towards yourself!

After all, this is likely a paradigm shift. We can say the words all day long about taking care of ourselves. But then why aren’t we further along in our abilities to heal ourselves? Even those of us who help others heal. How often do we forget to use these same healing techniques on ourselves? That’s aversion! It’s cultural. We live in a culture that’s outer focused. However, in order to heal yourself, it’s necessary that you turn your attention inward. That you still your activity and quiet your mind. That you learn to listen to all the layers of yourself, and even and especially the flow of your energy. It’s subtle … requiring deep listening, and a bit of patience.

Yet, this deep listening with tenderness heals all levels of your being –
mental, emotional, and eventually even physical;
and the whole process is spiritual!

Join us this month as we explore Healing – watch for our blogs, posts and free meditation! Come practice meditation with us! This Saturday (11/2),

We are thrilled to be on this journey with you!
Love & Blessings,
Lynn & Cheryl