Are We Healed Yet?

Where the Lower Chakras Meet the Higher Chakras … the Heart Chakra

How many times have you asked yourself, or fellow seekers on the path this question? It’s like a repeat of childhood, on those endless road trips with the fam, “Are we there yet?”, and the trip goes on and on.

Are we healed yet?

Often we’re surprised when we connect to the deepest part of ourselves with what we find there. Do we find an abundance of unconditional love in a field of healing sunlight? Or do we find bottomless fear … a depth of fear so deep it seems endless? Or something else altogether? It seems most of us on the spiritual path hope to find all good things when we delve within. Although many of us are aware of something else often there, always lurking … not sure when it’s going to resurface and steal our glorious heart-light. Often, for spiritual seekers, self judgement looms large … and worse yet is the fear that others will see the very things we are struggling with.

And for us healers it’s a muddle, isn’t it? Because we know, truly KNOW, we are here to heal … and it’s through our own healing journey that we are able to hold the light and space for others to heal as well.

So that’s the conundrum!

If we are here to heal, of course we are not infallible! We are mere mortals – no better or worse than others. Yet the fear seems to be that once we’ve put ourselves out there, claimed our space as a healer, counselor, or spiritual facilitator of some sort, how can we still be SO stuck in the muck of our humanness? And when we put our finger on the pulse of this particular fear, there’s yet another layer to this conundrum. Who do we turn to for help, aren’t we supposed to know all of this already? Aren’t we supposed to be healed?!

It’s tempting to isolate, to simply do our own work, pull into the self, ask only up for higher guidance in our healing. In and of itself, doing our own work with higher guidance is not wrong, there is indeed a time and place for this level of work; and it’s important! Yet there are two problems with this model … We don’t heal in isolation: we heal in community. And we heal through vulnerability, not invincibility.

So …what do we find when we touch into our deepest self?

If we’re honest, we find different energies on different days – sometimes more fear, sometimes more unconditional love, usually a mixture of some of each. It’s helpful to remember we are here in this lifetime, on this planet of emotion and free will, for a reason, and our soul knows the way. There is a roadmap, and it’s imprinted on our energetic field. Our emotional body, which holds the charge of our energy, when cleared of all the excess fear, can be a guiding light (to guide us internally as we learn to read the frequencies being emitted from within). We are definitely here now, as light workers, to heal ourselves and assist each other in healing lifetimes of patterns related to old fear based beliefs. We’ve identified with unworthiness, and carry forwards an almost unspeakable fear of being wrong.

As the old saying goes, there is no way through it but through it.

So with that in mind, see if you can adjust your frequency when you find yourself carrying truckloads of unconscious fear about normal human stuff … you made a mistake, you’re going to have to face what appears to be failure, etc. Notice what happens as you simply pay attention inwards more to the inner frequencies, and stop trying to get everything right, or to seem right. Notice what happens as you begin to allow yourself to be curious, without jumping to conclusions about what will happen … without having to figure it all out. What if not figuring it all out, is actually the same thing as unconditional love … simply staying present with yourself in a loving way, present and aware and not fretting, not fixing … This definitely feels like the way to create more spaciousness. And let’s trust that within that spaciousness light will flow in and fill the void.

Breathe deeply, easily … allow the energy of spaciousness and ease to guide you onward. As it turns out, facing your fear is the hard part. It all gets easier from here!

Much Love & Many Blessings in the year & decade ahead!
Lynn and Cheryl