Abundance through Inspired Action

Abundance … how do I align myself with abundance … how do I become more of what I want myself to be — more loving, happy, healthy, and living in the flow where all things transpire easily, effortlessly? These questions often tease us when we read about abundance, as though these beautiful concepts of abundance are flirting with us … Yes, of course I want that, but is it really possible for me?If you’re anything like me, there have been times when this way of living life, effortlessly and easily, seemed totally out of reach. In fact, at certain points in my life, I would have scoffed at that phrase! But through time, patient effort, growth and healing, amidst many ups and downs, I am growing into experiencing this “being in the flow of abundance” more often in more ways. I do of course still have my times in which this flow seems out of reach once again, and I find myself living from the lower energies, being overwhelmed, worn out, and coming from a place of struggle. But I’m happy to say those times are less frequent and much less intense than they used to be. The concepts we’ve put forth in our three previous blogs this month – being in gratitude, paying attention to your thoughts and their energy / being more fully conscious, and detaching from the outcome, are helpful, and they are important pieces of the puzzle. But for me, this step of inspired action is key, in that it’s the place I am most likely to get tripped up. If you were raised with the belief that you have to work hard and that life is a struggle, then this may be your magic piece of the puzzle.You see, believing that you must work hard has a nice ring to it when the connotation is that working hard makes one good, or worthy. (See our blog from July 10, “Five Steps to Abundance” for more info on releasing these thoughts that bind us to a lower energy / lower way of life). What if you didn’t hold this belief? What if instead, you believed that the healthiest way to live life was through following your heart’s desire? How different would your life be? What would you be doing for your vocation, how much time would you be spending doing what you love versus what you “should do”? Inspired action stems from the heart, not the head. Inspired action arises based on your heart filling with its pure essence, which is love without conditions. It has no attachment to your head and all the old stories based on distorted beliefs. No, inspired action is based on positive emotion that is allowed to rise up naturally, filling your being with its radiance. When you are in pure awareness, the simplest and most natural thing in the world to do is to allow this radiant energy to guide your actions: this is inspired action.What would you need to release in order to be in this state of calm quietness in which you could hear the longings of your heart rising up to guide you? You are being called to release the very things you once considered “good” behaviors; in other words, the behaviors that aligned you with “shoulds”. These are things like striving, grasping, trying so hard, making an effort to be right, or following should — based — thinking. Why? Because it’s these behaviors that take you away from your inner guidance system, your inner knowing, and that put you on the course of striving rather than abundance.Striving and abundance are in opposition with each other, because the energy or message of striving is that one has to try really hard, that life is tough. Whereas the energy or message of abundance is that there is more than enough, that we don’t have to strive, that we need merely relax into acceptance of being deserving. It’s in part this very state of relaxation that keeps our Spiritual channel open and the energy flowing, which allows us to listen to our heart center, feel its lead, and follow its guidance. It’s actually not different from the old Christian axiom, “Not my will, but Thine.” The interesting thing is, that when we’re in the flow, even if we may appear to be working hard, we love what we do, because we’re following our heart’s desire, we are inspired. When one is inspired, our actions take on an effortless quality because we are in a state of joy, we are filled with love, and we are at peace. It is the conflict of operating out of sync with our heart’s desire that creates the chronic tension and stress most of us have grown used to living with.Imagine right now, beginning to implement this in your life, one step at a time, what would be your first step if you were stepping forwards based on what inspired your heart rather than the duty that your head wants to guide you towards? Allow yourself to imagine this, find your first step, and consider what in your life would support this step? Listen to our Abundance Meditation at sacredhealingjourney.com/meditation-workshops/ to begin your journey in manifesting greater abundance in your life now. A daily meditation practice is a powerful step to manifesting more of what you want in your life. Join us for our next group meditation on September 12, 2015 to learn and practice this ancient technique of healthy living.Thanks for being with us here on our Sacred Healing Journey Blog. Wishing you all the best for a day, a week, a life of abundance! Begin now with inspired action! Much love, Lynnsacredhealingjourney.comsacredhealingjourney.comfacebook.com/SacredHealingJourney/