ABUNDANCE: Allowing. Opening. Receiving.

NON-ATTACHMENT TO OUTCOMES – an important step in creating abundance!In this month’s Blogs, we have explored many aspects of successfully creating abundance in your life. Yet there is one other aspect to be aware of, and that is a concept of “Non-Attachment”. This refers to the process of how abundance comes into your life and what you do with it when it arrives!Creating the environment for abundance, internally, is significant. Opening the space of Gratitude, setting a positive intention, removing any limiting thoughts, and then igniting passion are all significant steps (see previous July blogs). But there is another common area where blocks may occur, and that is the investment you have in what you want abundance to look like or the control you exert in “making it happen”, this is called “Attachment to the Outcome”. Maybe you see it as money in your bank account, or maybe a relationship that holds an abundance of love, but once you begin to receive what you are wanting, there arises a fear that you may lose it. This fear of loss gives rise to a neediness or an attachment to the outcome and creates self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, such as “this will never last” or “I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop”, or “I’m sure this wonderful person will leave me like all the rest”. As form follows thought, these fear-based or limiting thoughts will begin to set the stage for creating that exact experience!A second way that attachment to the outcome blocks abundance is disappointment or disenchantment when what you want does not occur as you envisioned it. There are times you had been doing everything right: being grateful, thinking positively, visualizing what you want but what you receive may not be what you had anticipated. This is another time it is important to NOT get attached to the outcome, for though it may not be what you had anticipated, what you receive and the avenue in which it comes to you is very likely the exact path that is best for you! An example might help to illustrate this…“I want that promotion at work, I will have more money, more vacation, more self-worth. So you set about taking the steps to creating this abundance: I am grateful for having my job in a company that has opportunity for growth. I visualize myself holding that new job in vivid detail – what I will wear to work, who I will work with, the various aspects of the job. I generate excitement about it! Then I go to work the day of the anticipated promotion, and I am told the job was given to someone else.”
What would you think? How would you feel? What would you do?
If you choose to think negative thoughts about how unfair the world is, or that you knew you weren’t good enough, or other of those types of thoughts, negative feelings will also be generated. Perhaps you will hold anger, grudges, jealousy, sadness… Your next actions will then be rooted in this negativity and your interactions with co-workers will be gossip, critical or perhaps holding a phony positive smile while cursing under your breath or to others. Imagine what this will do to the abundance you were trying to create?Consider this instead: You are able, with sincerity, to hold the belief that all things happen for the right reason and in the right timing – this is Non-attachment to the outcome. You are able to congratulate the other person and be happy for them. You recognize your disappointment but rather than move into negativity, you look at your options and choose to do what it takes to get the skill set you need to advance, or you start a job search for positions within other companies that are a level up from the job you currently hold. Imagine what this will do to creating abundance in your life?If you can work yourself out of negativity (see previous blog on “Five Steps to Abundance”), and detach from the outcome you had envisioned, very often what comes next in life, is something better than your original goal. It could happen that you land a better paying job with another company, or you find that the position you had wanted is being redesigned anyway, and it wouldn’t have worked well for you, or even that your boss had a bigger picture in mind for you. And life turns in a blink, back towards your goals, success and good things coming your way.The process of creating abundance is fluid, constant and becomes a way of life rather than a desperate plea in a time of crisis. It is holding and expressing positive energy in thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a release of limiting beliefs about yourself and your life, at deeper and deeper levels of consciousness and a dedication and commitment to living life from a positive internal framework of trust, worthiness, and love. Does this sound like a fairytale? Are limiting beliefs of doubt arising in your mind right now? If so, know that we all have to start somewhere! Congratulate yourself on your growing awareness and as is often said in energy work, “Begin Again”! Re-read the July blogs, put into action in your life, the ideas offered, and get the help or support you need. Practices such as Meditation, Integral Breathwork Therapy, and Hypnotherapy to name a few, help access and transmute old, limiting beliefs and behavior patterns to bring you to new levels of insight, awareness and action in creating the life you want to live!
May Abundance of All Things Good Flow to You with Ease and Grace! Sacred Healing Journey