How are you being called to embody your light in 2020? One of the spiritual awarenesses now unfolding has to do with our new ways as people of the earth. We are being called to upgrade so to speak, to step into more of our Divine nature, to embody more light.

This call is being heard around the globe in various forms and ways, as more and more of us are connected to the higher realms quite naturally, as we’ve attuned our embodied presence. The work we’ve been doing on ourselves, in healing communities and sacred circles all over the globe has been preparing us for this time. Clearing our trauma, our own as well as the energies of collective trauma has helped to clear the static in the atmosphere so that many more of us are tuned in, our antennas are attuned to higher channels of awareness / information.

For a while, it seems many have been feeling a calling to rise up, to assist in healing, to bring light, but the way forwards for many seemed unclear … yet the impulse persisted.

The way forward is beginning to show itself. Greater clarity is coming through as many more of us are beginning to hold the question and / or envision the way forward. Tune inwards and upwards to receive your specific upgrades / assignments. If this feels a little daunting, do so in groups – for where several seekers are gathered, the message comes through with greater clarity. Also, interpreting or fine tuning the message may be a gift of one in your circle! On the other hand, trusting your inner knowing might just be your specific upgrade! Let your energy be light – have fun with this. This does not need to be arduous. Allowing ease and grace opens your receptivity.

We respond to this call by acknowledging our great potential as beings who were “made in his image”, as co-creators on this planet, as light-workers who were born onto the earth plane for this moment in time.

We respond to this call by spending time in meditation each day (by ourselves or in groups) envisioning what healing for our world looks like … being willing to sense, see and feel this healing and awakening … and opening to our own role as a vessel of light and a channel of light, a channel of healing.

We respond to this call by stepping into our powerful potential more and more as we understand it. As our awareness opens and our way forwards unfolds before us in our mind’s eye and heart center … staying present with our specific vision, willing to nurture it into being … willing to BECOME.

We respond to this call with persistence … willing to acknowledge our humanness and begin again as many times as necessary.

We respond to this call with courage, not afraid to step into the unknown … not afraid to hold out hope … not afraid to release fear again and again, ever seeking the next step.

We respond to this call with Love as our guiding light. It is the tenderness of this love for humanity, Mother Earth and All Beings that has broken our hearts open at this time. It is the pain of this heartbreak that has woken us up and brought clarity that we are called to be more!

We respond to this call with a willingness to BELIEVE! For we are believers, holding a vision of wholeness and nurturing this new world into being.

We are with you in this time of great unfolding ~ sending much love and great light to each of you!

Lynn and Cheryl